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da BEE H|vE
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November 4, twenty years ago, out of the overflowing love of Letty and Sammy, HONEYBEE came out into the world without nothing.Melay/Honey, as she is fondly called, is everybody's sweetie.She grew up pampered by her family and loved by everybody.
Melissa as a frustrated ballet dancer and aspiring lawyer, keeps herself updated on current events, watching TV talks shows, reading all kinds of instructional materials esp. bestseller novels,& listening to her fave sound.As to her dancing, she is so engrossed over learning the latest hip-hop and pop tunes.She digs for R&B, soul,acoustic music and is trying very hard to sing and rap anytime she wants to.
Born under the zodiac of Scorpio, Honey is known to be quite DARING(try asking her friends..).A bubbly, fun,wacky as she can be,this lady mellows everytime she remembers the HURTING days of her existence.
After savoring 21 summer years of her life, she still doesnt feel too much fulfilled.There were times when she couldnt find light.When she lost her DAD(her first and last man to love), she thought life ended.If she could only turn back time.
Amidst the sweet and sour moments of her life, Melissa remained strong and confident and is proud to consider herself a REAL SURVIVOR!

FOLLOW ME!!... and try 2 catch me if you can...START NOW!

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